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A Selection of Paintings Currently Available for Sale

Paintings are all oil on canvas.  Most are  framed with simple wooden strip frames with mitered corners. Others are on gallery wrap canvas with painted edges and will be indicated.

“Custer State Park Bison”, 24x18”, $595.
“Sunflower Field at Dusk”, 24x36”, $995.
“Winter Landscape”, 16x20”, $350.
“Sunset Landscape with Bales, 16x20”, $350. (SOLD)
“Light Through Pines”, 18x24, $495.
“Missouri River Breaks”, 22x28”, $695. (SOLD)
“Sunflowers”, 20x16”, $350.
“Prairie”, 22x28”, $695.
“Sica Hollow”, 18x24”, $495.
“Calves by Fence”, 16x20, $350..
Homestead Horses, 24x36", $995.
Black Hills Meadow, 16x20", $350, gallery wrap with painted edges.
Sunset Farm, 24x24", $695. Donated to Washington Pavilion Gala!
"Sheep by Fence", 22x28", $695.
"View of Old Baldy", 28x22", $695. (SOLD)
"Cow Pasture--Evening", 24x36", $995. (SOLD)
"Lambs by Barn", 2013, 15"x30", $500 SALE 20% OFF!
“Hay Bales”, 16x20”, $350. (SOLD)
Bale Field at Sunset, 24x24", $595. (SOLD)
Sheep Heading Home, 22x28", $695. (SOLD)
Trail to Horsethief Lake, 22x28", $695. (SOLD)
Sunset Farm, 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
Sheep in Fence-Spring, 16x20, $350, gallery wrap with painted edges. (SOLD)
Twilight Fields, 16x20", $350 gallery wrap with painted edges. (SOLD)
"Bales at Sunset", 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
"Calves by Fence", 15x30", $550. (SOLD)

These have recently moved to the sold category.

Summer Sunset, 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
Horse Pasture, 16x20", $350. (SOLD)
Resting, 11x14, $175. (SOLD)
Cows by Fence, 18x24", $495. (SOLD)
Sunset, 20x30", $595. (SOLD)
Pink Clouds with Horses, 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
"Autumn Aspens", 24x36", $995. (SOLD)
"Picnic Lunch", 22x28, Available at Washington Pavilion Gala Auction. (SOLD)
"Sunset", 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
"HorseThief Lake Trail-Autumn", 28x22", $695. (SOLD)
"Sunset #3", 24x36", $995. (SOLD)
"Autumn Bale Field", 22x28", $695. (SOLD)
"Black Hills Autumn #1', 11x14", $175. (SOLD)
"Black Hills Autumn #2", 11x14", $175. (SOLD)
"Resting #2", 12x16", (SOLD)
"One Lane Road", 11x14", $175. (SOLD)
"Sunflower Field", 24x36", $995. (SOLD)
Prairie Landscape", 16x20", $350. Gallery Wrap with painted edges.
"Dance Line", 15x30", $550. (SOLD)
"Sheep in Tall Grass", 15"x30", $550. (SOLD)



"Bales At Sunset", 22"x28", $695. (SOLD)



"SD Ace of Hearts", 2012, 28"x22", $700. This image was used as the South Dakota card in the USA Card Deck. (SOLD)
"Grandpa Feeding Bottle Lamb", 24x18", $695. (SOLD)
"Sunset #2", 30x40", $1,400. (SOLD)
"Sheep By Field #2", 18x24", $495. (SOLD)
"Black Hills-Light Through Pines", 24x18", $495. (SOLD)
"Sunflowers", 24x18", $495. (SOLD)

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"Ewe and Lambs in Bale Field", 16"x20", $350. (SOLD)
"Winter Bales", 16"x20", $350. (SOLD)
"Turkeys in the Straw”, 22”x28”, $695. (SOLD)

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"Sunset", 30x40", $1,400. (SOLD)

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"Horse Pasture, 16x20", $350. (SOLD)
"Hike to Horse Thief Lake #1", 28"x22", $695. (SOLD)
"Hike to Horse Thief Lake #2", 28"x22". (SOLD)
Three Calves", 16"x20", $350. Gallery wrapped with painted edges. (SOLD)
"Cows Crossing Creek", 24"x36", $995. (SOLD)



"Creek", 24"x36", $995. (SOLD)
"Bales In Field", 18"x24", $495. (SOLD)
"Prairie Creek", 24"x24", $595. (SOLD)
"Grazing Sheep", 24"x36", $995. (SOLD)
"Roadside Bales", 24"x24", $595. (SOLD)
"Roadside Sheep Pasture", 24"x24", $595. (SOLD)
"Sheep by Field", 18"x24", $495. (SOLD)
"Rooster", 12"x16", $195. (SOLD)



"Round Bales with Pheasant", 24"x36", $995. (SOLD)

“Ewe and Lamb by Fence”, 22”x28”, $695. (SOLD)

"Easter Sunrise", 18"x24", $495 (SOLD, but I would be happy to paint it again.)

"Golden Fields", 16"x20". 

"Prairie Creek", 24"x36".

"Almost Home", 24"x36", $995.

"Bale Field at Sunset", 18"x24".


"Until the Cows Come Home", 2018, 24"x36".

"Country School", 2014, 30"x40", $1,100

"Border Collie", 2017, 18"x24".

"Sunset Over Field", 2017, 18"x24".

"Round Bales in Long Shadows", 24"x36", 2018.

This paintng is included in an exhibition at the Washington Pavilion, Septempber 15, 2018 through February 25, 2019. 

"Farm", 24"x36".

This painting is included in an exhibition at the Washington Pavilion September 15, 2018, through February 25, 2019. 

“Bale Field at Sunset", 2018, 18"x24".

This painting is included in an exhibition at the Washington Pavilion September 15, 2018, through February 25, 2019. 

"Twilight Summer Path", 2017, 22"x28".

"Parade #2", 2018, 12"x24".

"In And Out", 2015, 22"x28".

"Sheep in Pasture", 2016, 22"x28", $500
"Cows in Field", 2014, 18"x24", $400

"Sheep Portrait #2", 2018, 12"x16".

Gallery wrap with painted edges.

"Sheep Portrait #1", 2018, 12"x16".

Gallery wrap with painted edges.

"Holler Sheep", 2018, 22"x28".

"Matriarchs", 2016, 15"x30".

"Cornfield With Hay Bales", 2015, 30"x40".

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